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Price Guide!

Post by Lega Legion on Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:49 pm

God Wars Dungeon Items


Armadyl Godsword: 500M

Bandos Godsword: 250M

Zamorak Godsword: 350M

Saradomin Godsword: 400M

Saradomin Sword: 100M

Zamorakian Spear: 60M

Dominion Sword: 400M - 500M

Dominion Crossbow: 400M - 500M

Dominion Staff: 200M

Zartye Bow: 1B


Torva Full helm: 2B

Torva Platebody: 2B

Torva Platelegs: 2B

Pernix Cowl: 2B

Pernix Body: 2B
Pernix Chaps: 2B

Virtus Mask: 2B

Virtus Robetop: 2B

Virtus Robelegs: 2B

Armadyl Helmet: 100M

Armadyl Chestplate: 200M - 250M

Armadyl Chainskirt: 200M - 250M

Armadyl Buckler: 25M

Armadyl Boots: 25M

Armadyl Gloves: 25M

Hood of Subjugation: 200M -300M

Garb of Subjugation: 200M - 300M

Gown of Subjugation: 200M - 300M

Boots of Subjugation: 200M - 300M

Gloves of Subjugation: 200M - 300M

Bandos Helmet: 400M - 500M

Bandos Chestplate: 200M

Bandos Tassets: 200M

Bandos Warshield: 50k

Bandos Boots: 50k

Bandos Gloves: 50k

Saradomin's Whisper: 400M - 500M

Saradomin's Murmur: 100M

Saradomin's Hiss: 100M

Goliath Gloves: 200M

Swift Gloves: 200M

Spellcaster Gloves: 200M

Corporeal Beast

Spectral Sigil: 300M - 400M

Spectral Spirit Shield: 500M - 1B

Arcane Sigil: 1400M

Arcane Spirit Shield: 1.5 - 2B

Elysian Sigil: 1400M

Elysian Spirit Shield: 2B

Divine Sigi: 1400M

Divine Spirit Shield: 2B

Scarlet Spirit Shield: 10B - 12B

Holy Elixir: 500M

Spirit shield: 100M

Low Level Weaponry

Dragon Scimitar: 100K

Dragon Longsword: 100K

Dragon Mace: 50K

Dragon Dagger: 30K

Off-Hand Dragon Scimitar: 100k

Off-Hand Dragon Longsword: 100k

Off-Hand Dragon Mace: 50k

Dragon 2H:

Dragon Halberd: 325K

Dragon Battleaxe: 200K

Dragon Spear:

Dragon Defender: 10M

Dark Bow: 30M

Off-Hand Karil's Crossbow: 10M

Master Wand: 10M

Low Level Armour

Oldschool Torva Platebody: 200M - 300M

Oldschool Torva Platelegs: 200M - 300M

Dragon Full Helm: 75M

Dragon Platebody: 65M

Dragon Chainbody: 5M

Dragon Platelegs: 2.5M

Dragon Boots: 10M

Ranger Boots: 80M

Robing Hood Hat: 80M

Necromancer Hood: 30M

Necromancer Robe Top: 30M

Necromancer Robe Bottom: 30M

Mage's Book: 5.5M

Medium Level Weaponry

Staff of Light: 6M

Polypore Staff: 100M

Hand Cannon: 70M

Statius's Warhammer: 100M

Vesta's Longsword: 100M

Zuriel's Staff: 80M

Abyssal Whip: 15M

Abyssal Vine Whip: 20M - 30M

Flaming Whip: 500M - 700M

Razor Whip: 200M - 300M

Korasi's Sword: 200M - 250M

Dragon Claws: 400M - 500M

Firebrand Bow: 500M

Chaotic Longsword: 200M - 250M

Chaotic Maul: 200M - 250M

Chaotic Rapier: 200M - 250M

Chaotic Crossbow: 200M - 250M

Chaotic Staff: 200M - 250M

Off-Hand Chaotic Longsword: 200M - 250M

Off-Hand Chaotic Rapier: 200M - 250M

Off-Hand Chaotic Crossbow: 200M - 250M

Primal Maul: 2B

Primal Rapier: 2B

Medium Level Armour

Statius Full Helm: 100M - 200M

Statius Platebody: 100M - 200M

Statius Platelegs: 100M - 200M

Vesta's Chainbody: 200M

Vesta's Chainskirt: 200M

Zuriel's Hood: 50M - 100M

Zuriel's Robet Top: 50M - 100M

Zuriel's Robe bottom: 50M - 100M

Morrigan's Leather Body: 50M - 100M

Morrigan's Leather Chaps: 50M - 100M

Morrigan's Coif: 50M - 100M

Ganodermic Visor: 100M

Ganodermic Poncho: 100M

Ganodermic Leggings: 100M

Vanguard Body: 2B

Vanguard Legs: 2B

Vanguard Helm: 300M

Vanguard Boots: 100M

Vanguard Gloves: 100M

Battle-mage Robe Top: 200M

Battle-mage Robe Bottom: 200M

Battle-mage Hat: 150M

Battle-mage Boots: 150M

Battle-mage Gloves: 150M

Trickster Robe Top: 150M - 200M

Trickster Robe Legs: 150M - 200M

Trickster Helm: 100M

Trickster Boots: 50M

Trickster Gloves: 50M

Sea Singer's Headband: 1B - 1.5B

Sea Singer's Robe Top: 1B - 1.5B

Sea Singer's Robe Legs: 1B - 1.5B

Primal Full Helm: 1B

Primal Platebody: 1B

Primal Platelegs: 1B

Primal Boots: 4B

Primal Gauntlets: 1B

Steadfast Boots: 500M

Glaiven Boots: 300M

Ragefire Boots: 200M

Fury (OR): 50M - 100m

High Level Weaponry

Drygore Longsword: 1B - 1.5B

Drygore Rapier: 2B

Drygore Mace: 1B - 1.5B

Off-Hand Drygore Longsword: 1B - 1.5B

Off-Hand Drygore Rapier: 1B - 1.5B

Off-Hand Drygore Mace: 2B

TzHarr Whip 1: 500M - 1B

TzHarr Whip 2: 2.5B - 3B

TzHarr Whip 3: 5B - 5.5B

TzHarr Whip 4: 8B - 8.5B

TzHarr Whip 5: 11.5B - 12B

TzHarr Whip 6: 15.5B - 16B

TzHarr Whip 7: 19.5B - 20B (Sreet: 15B - 20B)

Lightning Staff 1: 500M

Lightning Staff 2: 1.5B

Lightning Staff 3: 2.5B

Lightning Staff 4: 4B

Ascension Crossbow: 4B - 5B

Off-Hand Ascension Crossbow: 7B - 8B

Royal Court Lance Rapier: 4B - 5B

Off-Hand Royal Court Lance Rapier: 15B - 17B

Virtus Wand: 8B - 10B

Virtus Book: 4B - 5B

Obliteration (Staff): 50B

Off-Hand Obliteration: 50B

Annihilation (Mace): 20B

Decimation (Bow): 20B
Decimation Arrows: No set price

Blazing Flamberge: 40B

Frostbite Dagger: 50B - 70B

Draconic Claws: 3B - 4B

Sword of Edicts: 7B - 9B

Royal Crossbow: 4B

Quickfire Crossbow: 2B - 3B

Off-Hand Quickfire Crossbow: 4B - 5B

High Level Armour

Obsidian Ranger Helm: 20B

Obsidian Mage Helm: 20B

Obsidian Warrior Helm: 20B

Obsidian Platebody: 100B

Obsidian Platelegs: 80B

Obsidian Kiteshield: 40B

Obsidian Boots : 20B

Obsidian Gloves : 20B

=> set: 240B (melee) 280B (full)

Death lotus Hood: 2B

Death louts Chestplate: 2B

Death louts Chaps: 2B

Tokhaar Warlord Helmet: 2B

Tokhaar Warlord Platebody: 2B

Tokhaar Warlord Platelegs: 2B

Tokhaar Warlord Boots: 2B

Tokhaar Warlord Gloves: 2B

Lava Partyhat: 4B - 5B


Ring Of The Gods: 40B - 50B

Tyrannical Ring: 40B - 50B

Treasonous Ring: 50B - 60B

Berserker Ring: 15M

Archer's Ring: 15M

Seer's Ring: 15M

Warrior's Ring: 15M

Onyx Ring (I): 35M

Berserker Ring (I): 35M

Archer's Ring (I): 35M

Seer's Ring (I): 35M

Warrior's Ring (I): 35M

Ring of Wealth: 3B - 4B

Donator Ranks

Regular Donator Rank: 10B

Extreme Donator Rank: 20B

Super Donator Rank: 40B

Eradicator Rank: 120B

Dicer Rank: 250B - 300B


Green H'ween Mask: 5B

Blue H'ween Mask: 5B

Red H'ween mask: 5B

Lava H'ween Mask:

Black H'ween Mask:

White H'ween Mask:

Cool H'ween Mask:

Pink H'ween Mask:

Cyan H'ween Mask:

Bronze H'ween Mask:

White Partyhat: ~700B

Red Partyhat: ~1T

Yellow Partyhat: ~500B

Green Partyhat: ~700B

Blue Partyhat: ~1T

Purple Partyhat:  ~1T

Orange Partyhat:

Camo Partyhat:

Aqua Partyhat:

Pink Partyhat:

Black Partyhat:

Cyan Partyhat:

Lime Partyhat:

Neon Partyhat:

Party Partyhat:
Gold Partyhat:

Sled: 1T+

Santa Hat: 5B

Black Santa Hat: 1T+

Orange Santa Hat: 1T+

White Santa Hat: 1T+

Lava Santa Hat:

Lime Santa Hat:

Purple Santa Hat:

Pink Santa Hat:

Neon Santa Hat:

Cyan Santa Hat:

Random Boxing gloves (Purple):

Cyan Boxing gloves:
Black Boxing gloves:

Noname Cape (Yellow):

Noname Cape 2 (Purple):
Noname Cape 3 (Green):

Noname Cape 4 (Blue):

Basket of Eggs:

Music cape:

Corgi (Pet):

Third-age druidic set: 1T+

Beta set: 600B+


Mystery box (Voting Box): 2B

Mystery box (Donator Box): 3B - 4B

Sheathed Blazing Flamberge: 500M

Invasion Tokens: 1M each

Deathtouched Darts: 500M

Wings: 1B

Rainbow Afro: 20B - 30B

Shadow Sword: 20B - 40B

Scythe: 30B - 50B

Brutal Longsword: 20B

Off-hand Brutal Longsword: 20B

Greater Demonflesh Platebody: 2B

Greater Demonflesh Platelegs: 2B

Greater Demonflesh Boots: 2B

Greater Demonflesh gloves: 2B

Obsidian Shard: 20B

Eradicator Potion: 20M - 50M

Void Melee Helm: 7M

Void Ranger Helm: 7M

Void Mage Helm: 7M

Void Knight Top: 10M

Void Knight Bottom: 10M

Void Knight Gloves: 10M

Third-Age Full Helmet: 65M

Third-Age Platebody: 65M

Third-Age Platelegs: 65M

Third-Age Kiteshield: 65M

Third-Age Range Coif: 65M

Third-Age Range Top: 65M

Third-Age Range Legs: 65M

Third-Age Vambraces: 65M

Third-Age Mage Hat: 65M

Third-Age Robe Top: 65M

Third-Age Robe: 65M

Third-Age Amulet: 65M

Flaming Skull: 70M

Guthix Halo: 100M

Saradomin Halo: 100M

Zamorak Halo: 100M

Lumberjack Hat: 50GP

Lumberjack Top: 50GP

Lumberjack Legs: 50GP

Lumberjack Boots: 50GP

Yew Logs: 160GP

Rune Arrowheads: 460GP

Arrow Shaft: 12GP

Uncut Onyx: 1.5M

Raw Rocktail: 10K

Rocktail Soup: 7M

Living Minerals: 100GP
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